gone for a week!

not sure if anyone cares but i’ll be away from tomorrow until next sunday. going on a cruise with the whole clan on my mother’s side - it’s my grandparents’ 50th anniversary and my aunt’s in-laws 50th they decided to make it a thing

so yeah i’m not leaving anything on queue and i probably won’t be on until i watch the doctor who episodes (i’m sad i’m missing they hype agrhhh JULIE IF YOU’RE READING PLEASE LINK ME EVERYTHING VIA TWITTER) and get back from fanexpo on sunday. WHOOOHOO i’ll be with a bunch of friends (with a catwoman and possibly a wonder woman) and we’ll most likely be singing/dancing through the artist alley

enjoy the rest of your summer!



Better version of my piece for the sailor moon artshow at nerdmelt.

Saying goodbye to the ‘adventure of a lifetime!’ the Doctor Who World Tour in Rio

❝ My lines were like: ‘But he’s so old! Why is he gray? Why has he got lines on his face?’ I didn’t know him at all at this point. In between takes, I was like: ‘Oh, Peter, I’m so sorry. Terribly sorry. You look great.’ ❞
—— Jenna Coleman feeling awkward when criticising how Peter’s Doctor looked. (via kitt66)

Aritzia: The morning of our shoot, Orange Is the New Black scored seven Emmy nods, and Samira Wiley is all smiles—and eager to leave. “They’re celebrating on set right now,” says the Juilliard grad, who plays the hilarious but vulnerable Poussey Washington on the breakout Netflix show. Fame “happened so suddenly,” Wiley explains. “When the show came out, people could watch [the whole season] in a weekend, so I feel like our lives changed less gradually than people on network TV shows.” Not that she’s complaining: “It’s awesome to go through it with all the other girls. I feel like we’re a family.”

It took me a really long time to accept that I could be an actor. I had been doing acting since I was ten years old but I never got acknowledgment for it until I got accepted to Juilliard. It was like, Oh, we know you’re passionate…and now maybe you’re talented too!

The number of times you’re going to get stopped on the street and get asked to take a seflie with someone is something to keep in mind. I don’t ever want to look busted these days. Not even to go to the corner store for ice cream!


It is frustrating how Clara Oswald, the companion with the most independence from the Doctor (full time job, own flat, only travels one day a week, etc), is the one people insist is most dependent on the Doctor and has her whole life revolve around him. 

# quote
❝ It is awful to want to go away and to want to go nowhere. ❞
—— Sylvia Plath, The Journals of Sylvia Plath (via rssian)